Thursday, May 9, 2013

tomorrow is my granddaughter Chloe's Confirmation hard to believe she is off to secondary school in September . we have had very strange weather here in Kilcoole this week, gale force winds lashing rain and a huge drop in temperatures , hope our summer hasn't come and gone. Have been very busy all week have had to make 10 cards for a friend 3 communion , 3 "rocker" ? 18th birthday cards now that was a real challenge haven't quite finished them all yet will post pics when I get them all done a 1st birthday, a friend with teapots an 18th with pandas and a 20th irish dancer/ piper theme ecletic mix don't you think? was feeling quite ill last night with a very sleepless night shivering with cold and all aches and pains , was up at 6.30 am  which is very early for me but was able to get some of my cards finished I also had to make 3 catering sized Lasagnes and a chicken mornay for tomorrow's party. so will not be around for a day or too.


  1. Hi Claire, what a busy bee you are. Just looking at your list of cards and see you are doing a panda. I have one on my cricut if you need one. Aiveen.

    1. thanks a million Aiveen but I found a beautiful image on google have only one more card to do for the 18th rock chick. will post them up maybe tomorrow been so busy lately