Friday, May 3, 2013

good morning from a lovely sunny Kilcoole and happy bank holiday week end to you all.
I had a lovely ??th birthday yesterday and spent a lovely relaxed  day just making this card which I just loved doing..  I t has all the elements I love. Only drawback was that I forgot all about time and was so engrossed in the card I didn't move all day and fecked up my back suffering now. Off I go now to get my hair done  hope you like the card .

Front of the card I just typed in travel into google
and found this lovely background it was too nice to cover up so I made a feature of it.
personally I think I ticked all the boxes
now for the fun bit my beloved savage chickens by doug savage
 if you want weird humour like mine you will find a savage chicken on any subject
just google and see
had forgotten to mention in the brief  was the card was for a psychologist the  cartoon above is actually for a psychiatrist as only they prescribe meds. but I thought it was funny
travel quotes and ref to sligo and cork
the reference to India and Germany decoupaged one layer on the india, suitcase and beer mug
the back page  "the story teller" part all elements
 downloaded from google images love the painting.


  1. There Fab Clare, love the glasses is that a die cut

    1. glasses are printed on background Yvonne

    2. Well I never, they look so real

  2. Hi, you are certainly keeping busy. The "books" are amazing. Love the image of lady in wine glass. Must get it as I have the perfect person for it. Aiveen.

  3. Fabulous ideas here! keep going!