Wednesday, September 28, 2011

This Sweet image is from Lily of the valley
Flowers, Leaves, lace and pearls
all from wild Orchid Crafts

Image from Vintage clipart Google
Papers from  old paper pack just can't remember where from.
Butterfly Mei flowers
Flowers as above .

this 60th birthday card is made from 3 A4 cards attached to each other concertina style .Both sides of "book" were decorated.

All above images Joanna Sheen Dancing with Shadows Cd Rom
                        below google clipart old wine adverts
This is a very special 60th Birthday card fo a lady who loves travel, fine wine and her two jack russells.  Below outside front tied. comes with a box.

Monday, September 19, 2011

hi all from a very wet and very dark kilcoole,

My main computer has gone to the computer hospital for a few days with we think a virus, which is why i haven't been around for a few days.

 My other puter this one is only connected to the internet by a tempremental router  so it's a hit and miss affair.

My daughter katie did very well in the Junior Cert exams much better than anyone including me thought!

at the beginning of last year i had promised her 50 euros for every A she got 40 for B 30 for C and 20 for D
she got 5 b's 3c's and 3 d's  do the maths a lot more than i expected to pay out  ah but it's worth it!!!.

I  was in the process of making her congrats card when she rang me with the results so lucky i had it made by the time she got home  have also made similar cards for her 2 best friends who also did very well.

I still haven't learnt to upload photos yet  still waiting yvonne!!!
so as soon as i learn i will upload photographs of my cards.

My Grandson Alex is nine on 3rd of October so i have to make his card soon not sure what i will do for that he is into "Moshi Monsters" but i love the adorable images from Lily of the Valley stamps and die-cut images they are just so cute.
Going to Belfast on the 12th October for 2 days with my other half, but have planned to take in the Stitch and Craft show on the 13th while i am there I am really looking forward to that as always. It will be funny this year not going up on the train with the girls. And of course i have to buy all those things i really , really need!!!!

see flashing lights here so better hurry and post this before i lose all

clare x

Thursday, September 8, 2011


i have to decide today how i can load photos of some of my cards, not that i have taken many photographs. Unfortunately when you are asked to make a personalised card it is very easy to forget to take a picture, you just want the customer to be really pleased with your creation and that's the most important thing.

I made my first set of wedding invitations earlier this year and i was so pleased with the results,will upload a photograph at a later date i have just loaned a copy to my good friend anne who is going to make her son's invites.

Christmas (and i hate using the "C" word this early but it really is only a matter of weeks away)
I have started making my christmas cards have about 20 made so far . I have fallen in love with the lily of the valley images and most of my cards feature these very cute images. Again will try and do the piccie thingy!!!!


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hi There
Clare here from kilcoole
Learning how to moo properly
The Mad Cow is here to stay