Tuesday, April 30, 2013

well that's the last of my book cards for now , so had a chance to start making my 
grandchildren's confirmation and communion cards have 3 to make .
 with the help of  the wonderful Yvonne got some card embossed.
Heading into Dublin with  chloe tomorrow and her mum to get her Confirmation outfit, so looking forward to that.
this is Mia's card from grandma and papa
just a simple bookatrix in white the cross is a spellbinders cut out before machine broke flowers are from wild orchid 

mia's card from my mother made the little rosary out of beads and bracelet thread
the cross I got in a bundle of charms from china

chloes card image from crafts u print but I resized it  it is for the front of an A5 card used the embossed cards using yvonnes joycraft

made dylan's little rosette out of 2 pieces of ribbon

spellbinders cage and bird (pretending to be a dove) feathers for tail forget where I got the background paper but seem to have it for years  large impressive cross came from China

Monday, April 29, 2013

Happy Monday from a sunny Kilcoole
I can't believe we are at the start of another week time really is flying.
I made 2 commissioned cards over the weekend for 2 ladies who will be celebrating 50th birthdays.

another vintage wine ad I love these vintage images and a little reference to the ladies birth year
background graphic 45 french country.
my little homage to the grape images from google and backgroun from
graphic 45 french country
hikers image from B_C_E templates background can't remember
image on inside card  is la pashe flippin luxury
but I only used front image and a different background
card 2 is also 50th birthday for a lady who loves her red mini, walking and wine
image is from google images + little dangly heart bling is from my own stash
special verse for mam

little joke images are from another set of vodka ads 
Drinks Vodka
beautiful image is from a vintage Absolut Ad
as is grey goose in a cage
Loves Chanel 5 ,
with a little swinging bottle image  is a vintage ad for chanel, backing paper is
 graphic 45 french country
sex and the city

the remit on this card was for a mother who loves lillies and tulips

Sunday, April 28, 2013

We had our first barbecue of the season yesterday trying out frank's new barbie, note I said frank's barbie as
I never cook on it. What I do though is all the marinading and extra bits . woke up this morning to glorious sunshine but that was short lived, dull and nippy now.

Decided to make my granddaughter's Chloe confirmation card and was going to use my lovely 8x8 embossilicious embossing folder  I broke my joycraft machine one of the cogs broke in 2 Frank is sort of trying to fix it but I know it won't work, just when I was really getting used to it too. hoping to get another one soon but definitely not joycraft maybe the grand calibur.

I am just finishing off a book card for a 50 year old female will post photo tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

one of the boxes for the 1 year olds cards
2 communion cards I made today with 2 different images from Kathryn Andrews fincher
her images are very evocative of days gone by
glittered everything with glamour dust 

2nd box

bookatrix box
thought it was going to be sunny today but rather dull now here in kilcoole.
thank god the 5 cards for the 1year old have just been collected actually glad to see the back of them.
Frank came home from work last night with a request for a card for a colleague's wife (india, tennis, computers and husband home alone minding kids) that was the brief as written  found out later wife goes to India  to set up call centres and he wanted a card "1 step up from tescoes"
Well I showed him and have charged him way above tesco prices serve him right!

inside of card

front of card anyone for tennis outside the Taj Mahal?

easel card for the 1 year old I love this image of vintage bears

just adore graphic 45 papers at the moment this is from the once upon a springtime  range
 and just added a big gold bow and a couple of die cut  flourishes.
decoupaged some of the flowers on one of the pages.

this image is from the chrysallis cd from crafters companion
I love christine haworth's images.

 designed a crown from a template found on google images ty yvonne for the wand idea
paper for crown was a cup paper

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

well 2 years on and I have decided to try this blog thingy again,
Have been looking around the site and cannot figure how I upload pictures aaarrgghhh!!! this is why I actually gave it up in the first place and to think I actually thought I was more computer literate than I was then, God bless the innocent, you see I just bought the dinkiest little camera so easy to use I must have thought it could do all the hard work , but I know I will just have to try and work this out for myself. I am still making cards and would consider myself much more advanced now. Lovely sunny day here in kilcoole and I have just managed to finish a commisioned order of 5 "special" cards for a 1 year old girl hardest thing I think I have done so far because you have to come up with totally different designs. I just have to make the individual boxes now. I hope to put up pictures of the cards very soon.

this was a very special commission I was asked to make a card for a 70 year old  who loved irish showbands , brandy, and fashion  as she lived in Ballinasloe I found the crystal ballroom from there all images were found on the web except the graphic 45 image on the card front and the la pashe dancing queen on the second page.