Tuesday, April 30, 2013

well that's the last of my book cards for now , so had a chance to start making my 
grandchildren's confirmation and communion cards have 3 to make .
 with the help of  the wonderful Yvonne got some card embossed.
Heading into Dublin with  chloe tomorrow and her mum to get her Confirmation outfit, so looking forward to that.
this is Mia's card from grandma and papa
just a simple bookatrix in white the cross is a spellbinders cut out before machine broke flowers are from wild orchid 

mia's card from my mother made the little rosary out of beads and bracelet thread
the cross I got in a bundle of charms from china

chloes card image from crafts u print but I resized it  it is for the front of an A5 card used the embossed cards using yvonnes joycraft

made dylan's little rosette out of 2 pieces of ribbon

spellbinders cage and bird (pretending to be a dove) feathers for tail forget where I got the background paper but seem to have it for years  large impressive cross came from China