Tuesday, April 23, 2013

well 2 years on and I have decided to try this blog thingy again,
Have been looking around the site and cannot figure how I upload pictures aaarrgghhh!!! this is why I actually gave it up in the first place and to think I actually thought I was more computer literate than I was then, God bless the innocent, you see I just bought the dinkiest little camera so easy to use I must have thought it could do all the hard work , but I know I will just have to try and work this out for myself. I am still making cards and would consider myself much more advanced now. Lovely sunny day here in kilcoole and I have just managed to finish a commisioned order of 5 "special" cards for a 1 year old girl hardest thing I think I have done so far because you have to come up with totally different designs. I just have to make the individual boxes now. I hope to put up pictures of the cards very soon.


  1. OMG, I can't believe you are back. Love all the cards. Aiveen.

  2. yayyyyy The cows are lowing again! Keep it up!