Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hi all

had a most amazing time in Mount Juliet and now off tomorrow for a week including the very all important Belfast stitch and craft show whoo hoo!!

But before i go i have to spend every waking hour getting ready and getting everyone organised , sometimes i wonder is it all worth it?  Of course it is!

Had to make a couple of cards today a female birthday, a female 50th birthday and a sympathy card, I don't know about you but i find them very hard to do especially the verse inside there are plenty of sites for verses but i find the  verses smaltzy, and so saccherine that i nearly get sick and if any one  should ever send me such a card
beware you might just get it back!
 i think a simple" we are sorry for your loss" is so much more appropriate sorry about the rant it's worse because i started it myself oops!!
got katie to take pic of today's cards not sure when they will be posted.

So off to spend money i have not got on things and products i do not need ,ah but you see i really do need them,    All of them!!!


  1. Hope you have a lovely time. She who has the biggest stash wins(",)Kay

  2. Hi Clair, Great seeing you at Belfast show. Hope you got lots of nice goodies there. Have a great time travelling up north. Aiveen.

  3. We don't hear the cattle lowing too much these days! I hope you have some worthwhile new year resolutions!!

  4. Hey Clare, what's the story? Is there any point in following your blog? We want entertainment please and a lot more lowing from your end! Hope to see you again soon! xx

  5. Hi Clare. I picked up some of your cards in Carlow. They are really beautiful! Congratulations! Hope you are well!