Sunday, October 2, 2011

few days R&R

heading down to Mount Juliet in kilkenny for a few days break, so looking forward to doing nothing, but my long suffering other half says i do that all the time!!! Then i am dragging the poor chap to Belfast the following week but we will have a few days travelling  around heading to Donegal so really looking forward to the next couple of weeks. Not much crafting being done but "resting" before the Christmas rush and panic starts, I have already started on the christmas cards will try and post some photographs when i get back!


  1. Hi Clare. I look forward to seeing those photos! I finished off the card I made with you at Yvonne's which I will give to a special friend tomorrow! I'm sorry to be saying 'goodbye' to it! hope you enjoy your break!

  2. Hi Clare, enjoy your time travelling around Ireland. I haven't started christmas cards yet - trying to get into the groove.
    Yes Aileen, it is hard to say goodbye to somethings that you have created but the joy it will give is worth it.
    Hugs, Kay