Thursday, September 8, 2011


i have to decide today how i can load photos of some of my cards, not that i have taken many photographs. Unfortunately when you are asked to make a personalised card it is very easy to forget to take a picture, you just want the customer to be really pleased with your creation and that's the most important thing.

I made my first set of wedding invitations earlier this year and i was so pleased with the results,will upload a photograph at a later date i have just loaned a copy to my good friend anne who is going to make her son's invites.

Christmas (and i hate using the "C" word this early but it really is only a matter of weeks away)
I have started making my christmas cards have about 20 made so far . I have fallen in love with the lily of the valley images and most of my cards feature these very cute images. Again will try and do the piccie thingy!!!!



  1. Well done Clare your the only one, who has added anything to there blog since Wednesday, will show you next week how to upload photos, it really is easy.

  2. Great to see you here Clare. Looking forward to seeing your posts, Kay